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What Is Prostate Milking?

One of the tricky things about sex terminology is that a lot of sexual act have multiple terms (think about how many different ways there are to talk about intercourse) and some words have multiple meanings. Prostate milking is one of those phrases that can mean a few different things.

What is Prostate Milking?

For some folks, prostate milking simply means prostate massage. We’ve heard some guys use this phrase to talk about any kind of prostate massage, whether it’s erotic or therapeutic, especially when prostatic fluid is released into the urethra and comes out of the tip of the penis.

Other folks think of prostate milking as the experience of having a prostate orgasm without any direct penis stimulation.  This is less common when someone is new to prostate pleasure, and plenty of guys with lots of experience never have that happen. That’s totally ok- it’s similar to how some women can orgasm from G-spot stimulation while others need other sensations to get them over the top.

Still another way to think of prostate milking is a prostate massage technique that’s meant to stroke and squeeze the fluids into the urethra, sort of like wringing out a sponge. Place your finger on the outside edge of the prostate and apply firm pressure, sliding from the edge to the center. Repeat a few times before switching to the other side. This massages the fluids out of the microscopic glands, into the urethra. Follow this up with a top-to-bottom stroke down the center to encourage the fluids out of the prostate.

This last kind of prostate milking can be done for different reasons. Some men simply enjoy the sensations it provides. Some couples do it as part of a BDSM game or role play.  And some folks do it for prostate health. The idea is that flushing out fluids and clearing blocked glands helps the body get rid of harmful wastes and pathogens that might cause problems.

Whatever you call it and however you do it, remember that the goal is to feel good. Try a few different techniques or positions and see what works for you. We have lots of tips and ideas in our book!



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