More men and their partners are adding prostate pleasure to their sexual repertoires! It’s not difficult to do, but it works a lot better when you have the information to avoid common pitfalls and discover which techniques work best for you. Whether you’re doing this solo or with a partner, we’ve got what you need.

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure walks you through each step of exploring prostate play. Anatomy, how to find the prostate (solo or with a partner), tips for anal penetration, positions, toys, pegging, massage, prostate health–it’s all there.

When we wrote the book, we surveyed about 200 people to get their input. We asked about the techniques that worked for them, different concerns they had when they started out, how they introduced the topic to their partners, and what advice they’d offer guys who were curious about the prostate. We heard from men and their partners to hear about both sides of prostate play. We also spoke with medical doctors, sex educators & therapists, sexological bodyworkers, and other experts to make sure that we had as many perspectives as possible. Since nothing about sexual pleasure works the same for everyone, we cast a wide net and included as many voices as possible.

As experienced sex educators, we know how important a little information and support can be, so you’ll find lots of great ideas on this website. Whether you’re looking for ways to have easy anal penetration, ideas for which toys to try, or anything else to make your prostate play fun, you’ll find plenty to get you started. And when you’re ready for more advice, suggestions, tips, and techniques, get your own copy of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s also pleasure and we want you to have the best!