Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

In addition to being a great source of pleasure for many men, prostate massage – may also be good for you! Many medical professionals suggest that prostate massage may support prostate health in a variety of ways.*

Increasing Blood Flow

Massaging any part of the body helps the tissues relax and make it easier for blood to travel into them. Improved blood flow brings in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and other waste products from the cells. That’s especially true when massaging the prostate since it’s usually arousing, so there’s even more of an increase in blood flow.

Releasing Muscle Tension

A lot of men have chronically tight pelvic muscles. Between spending a lot of time sitting, body mechanics, and society’s rules that tell men that they aren’t supposed to move their hips when they walk, a lot of guys end up with chronically tight muscles. That decreases blood circulation and can compress the prostate gland, which may lead to prostatitis.

Prostate massage can help everything relax and not only does that improve function, it can increase your sexual pleasure. In fact, a lot of men report that regular prostate massage results in firmer erections because the pelvic muscles are more able to do their jobs.

Clearing Out Blockages and Trapped Fluids

The prostate is full of microscopic glands that can get clogged. By massaging it, those blockages get squeezed out, into the urethra. Some experts speculate that by clearing them out, you can reduce your risk for prostate health problems. Although ejaculation also squeezes fluids out of the prostate, it might not be strong enough to do the job if anything is trapped, so massage may be more effective.

That’s especially important since one of the possible reason some cases of prostatitis don’t respond to antibiotics is the presence of a biofilm. That’s when a colony of bacteria produces a shield that protects them from the environment. Massaging the prostate may disrupt the biofilm, which would allow antibiotics to be more effective.

Increased Awareness Improves Health

In addition, when men make prostate stimulation a regular part of their sex lives, they often develop a greater awareness of how it feels. So if they do develop an irritation or infection, they can often feel it earlier in the process and get medical treatment sooner. One guy we spoke with said:

When I had a bacterial prostate infection, I could feel the swelling and the heat in my prostate. I knew that’s where it was because I was familiar with my prostate from having done prostate play many times. So I was able to tell my doctor that’s what it felt like, which she confirmed with an exam.

Of course, not everyone will have that experience, but familiarity with your prostate certainly improves your odds of being able to feel if there’s an infection.

Improving BPH Symptoms

Some of the common signs of BPH is difficulty urinating because the enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra. Many men with BPH report that massage can alleviate symptoms and make urination much easier.

Where to Go For More Info About Prostate Massage

If you’re looking for ways to explore prostate massage, we have lots of tips, techniques, and suggestions in The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. Pick up your copy today and get started!

* If you’re experiencing any prostate health problems, please speak with your medical professional about prostate massage first. We are not medical doctors and can take no responsibility for any injury that may occur.