The P-spot & the G-spot

There are a lot of similarities between prostate and G-spot stimulation in terms of location of the responsive area, pleasure techniques that people like, and the sensations that the receivers experience.

Location, Location, Location

Leaving aside the fact that the G-spot is most easily found through vaginal penetration and the prostate is found anally, they’re both in roughly the same area. Insert a finger and curve it towards the belly button to press through the front wall (curling upwards if they’re on their back, downwards if they’re on their hands and knees). Both the G-spot and the prostate are often more easily found when the receiver is turned on, since arousal causes the glandular tissue to engorge and expand.

Similar Techniques

In general, the prostate and the G-spot respond to many of the same techniques. Firm pressure, toys with curved tips or bulbous heads, and strong vibration are all very popular. Many people say that they enjoy it the most when combined with other kinds of pleasure, such as oral sex, or stimulating the penis or the clitoris.

Similar Responses

Quite a few people say that orgasms resulting from G-spot/prostate play feel less focused, deeper, and more full-bodied than those resulting from clitoris/penis stimulation. And with practice, many folks are also able to enjoy multiple orgasms.

The P-spot

Since the G-spot has received a lot of attention over the years, some people like to call the prostate the the male G-spot or the P-spot. Of course, neither of them is really a spot- they’re more like areas of incredible sensitivity.

We think that this is a great reminder that despite the myths that men and women are completely different, in terms of anatomy we’re much more similar than most people realize. The penis and the clitoris also have a lot of parallels in terms of what feels good to them. So do the scrotum and the outer labia, for that matter.

Whichever term you like to use, we hope that you find new ways to explore sexual pleasure and discover how amazing P-spot play can be. Check out our book for plenty of tips and techniques for mind-blowing fun!