How Prostate Pleasure Can Improve Your Sex Life

In our experience, trying prostate play can offer a lot of amazing things to your sex life and your relationships.

Oh, the pleasure!

First off, prostate stimulation can feel amazing! Men who enjoy prostate play describe it as intensely arousing and almost unbearably pleasurable. It’s a unique sensation that feels completely different from penis stimulation.

Prostate play can trigger an orgasm, and sometimes this happens without any penis inclusion at all. Orgasms that result from prostate play also feels different from the kind you might be used to from penis stimulation. A lot of men say that they last longer and feel more expansive or full-bodied than penis orgasms, which tend to be more concentrated, but focused on a smaller area of the body and shorter in duration. But it doesn’t have to be one or the other – many men love combining simultaneous penis and prostate play for an intense build-up and a supercharged orgasm. We think that anything that enhances sexual pleasure and feels so good is worth giving a shot!

Male Multiple Orgasm

Men who are interested in male multiple orgasm techniques (MMO) often find that prostate stimulation is an excellent way to learn how to do it.

For a man to be multi-orgasmic, he needs to learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Many men find it’s easier to abstain from ejaculation during prostate vs. penis stimulation.

Prostate play allows you to experience amazing pleasure and intense arousal with less penis contact, so you can ride the waves of sexual energy without ejaculating. And holding off on ejaculation means you can keep going after an orgasm, instead of needing to take a break. With practice, many men have learned how to have many orgasmic peaks during prostate play.

A New Dish on the Menu

Simply the act of trying something new can be very thrilling. And if you like it, it becomes a new dish on your erotic menu. This adds variety to your sex life and keeps things fresh.  After all, most people don’t eat the same foods at 40 as they did at 20, so why should we expect to have the same kinds of sex our whole lives? Even if prostate stimulation doesn’t become a regular part of your sex life, it can inspire you to discover the many other options you have.

For many people, sex is synonymous with vaginal intercourse. Prostate play can enhance sex by showing you how many ways there are to enjoy sex in addition to intercourse. Of course, prostate play isn’t the only way to do that, but  it has been one way that plenty of people have made that leap.

One of the most common difficulties that many people face is not being able to have intercourse, whether for a medical reason or any other cause, and thinking that it means that they can’t have sex any more. You don’t need to be able to have an erection to have a great time with prostate pleasure. And when you discover that intimacy and sexual connection are available to you, whether intercourse is an option or not, you’ll find amazing possibilities open up to you.

Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

For men who have never been on the receiving side of penetrative sex, exploring anal penetration can give whole new insights. Many of the guys we’ve spoken with told us that finding out what it’s like on the receiving side gave them a much better understanding of their partner’s experiences.

That’s especially true for people who want to be on the giving side of anal sex. In fact, quite a few men have said that trying prostate play and anal penetration made them better givers of penetration, because they knew how it felt to receive it. When sex happens outside your body, you can often still do it even if you have a headache or aren’t feeling totally in the mood. But when sex happens inside your body, that might not be the case.

On the flip side, women who have never been on the giving side of penetration have often reported that they finally understood how much responsibility it can be. That’s especially true when they try pegging (wearing a strap-on dildo) and they don’t even have to worry about it getting soft or ejaculating before they’re ready!

In a lot of ways, prostate play offers men and their partners a chance to “walk in the other person’s shoes.” Many couples have said that it gave them new insight and helped them be more compassionate with each other, no matter what kinds of activity they do. We think that’s wonderful!

Whatever your reason, prostate play can be a really fun addition to your sex life. Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure and get started!